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DIY: Peach Crumble Quick and Simple

Ready made crumble mix
X2 tins of peaches (drained and chopped)

How to: 
1: Drain the peaches, go threw them and slice them into smaller chunk's.
Also remove any hard bit's.
2: sprinkle the crumble mix on top of the peaches. Make sure it cover's all the peaches.
3: Place in the oven for about 25 to 30 minutes or until golden brown.

*When removing from the oven always use gloves*

Add custard, cream or ice cream which ever you prefer

Gloves for Subs 25th October Only!


Hello to all you beautiful people around the world (waves like crazy)
So today in my local subway this very amazing little thing Court my attention.

If you bring in a pair of new gloves you will get a 6 inch sub and a drink for £1
The most amazing thing is on the other side of the card it has a list of many charities where the gloves are going and who they are going to.

So come to Workington on Tuesday 25th October
Between the hours of 11am till 3pm give the lovely ladies your glove and get you great sub with a drink.

Just keep in mind when buying a pair of gloves you will be helping someone stay warm this winter, we all feel the cold and it make us miserable so let's help other try to stay warm.
Subway check out the website for more information

5.40 AM

Etsy Here is a link to my site where I am selling all my natural homemade jewellery



DIY: Jars Necklace

What's needed:
Small jars (I got mine from the works)
Assorted gems (beads, diamante, pearls)
How to:
1: Place the gems in the glass jar and secure the cork in all the way so its tight and the contents wont fall out.
2: place a little hook in the cork, try not to move it about too much or you will destroy the cork.
3: Add a long chain or a leather cord as the necklace.