Welcome to the world Rudi.

Wow.... Life has been exciting lately I got more hours at work and I have adopted a little kitten!
I don't really know how it happened.. it just did 😉

So everyone I would like you to meet this little guy Rudi.

DIY: Resin (attempt 2)

A Step by step How to with Resin.

1: Get all your moulds and resin kit out and ready.
Also get your decorations in place for when the resin is ready.


2: Remember to wear gloves and protect work surfaces.
Now follow the instructions to the letter/ measurements 
1 measurement of Hardener to 2 measurement's of resin.
Stir the resin thoroughly but gently try not to make any bubbles.

3: Getting it right will be trial and error.
When you think it's ready and you have stirred enough gently pour it over your moulds and decorations, try not to spill it so good judgement is key here.
Please ignore the newspaper. I improvised on a few things I used jar's and a old pop out pill case.
My silicone moulds I got off eBay 5 for just under a £5.

4: When you have finished filling your moulds they will need to dry so that takes about 24 hours to 2 days and also you need to cover them so no dust gets to them, here's my makeshift cover.
Old shelf from the fridge and my sugar container I put it on a slant so the air can still get to them but they are safe from debris and dust.
What works for me might not work for you so try many things and enjoy your self. This is my second attempt.

Here's a few more pictures 

You must do what others don’t, to achieve what others won’t 👊

I was doing some calculations latley and realised that I pay £32 month for my gym membership which for me is also lot as I only work part time and when I go to the gym I only use 3 things.

The bike for a 7 minute's warm up
Then I go on the the cross trainer (kinda like a running machine but with handles)

So in Argos they had them 2 things all in one for £89.00 plus £3.95 for delivery. I didn't mind paying it I was not carrying it home!
In 3 months of going to the gym I will have paid for this bike and I can the use it an unlimited number of time's at home listening to my music or reading a book.
I forgot to tell you it's a buy now and pay in 3 months thingy so I got it on my Argos card.

Pro fitness 2 in 1 cross trainer
It even came with some stretching exercises with picture's.

*Always stretch and warm up for 7 minutes, always warm down for 2 minutes at the end. Always have a supply of water with you. If you feeling dizzy or sick stop exercising immediately, I'm no professional but I do listed to the rules.*

DIY: Working with Resin

So today a decided to finally stop procrastinating and get on with it I today made my first resin moulds (proud moment)

They are currently drying but I did manage to snap a few pictures of them.

24 Hours later!

They dried perfect and I was very proud of them..... The problem was I used plastic moulds now thy won't come out.
Lesson learned...
Always use silicone moulds. 😋
(Face palm now for my next attempt)

My granddad's medal

So while I was visiting my Nanna she showed me the medal grandad was awarded two months before he died. 
As far as I know the medal was for working and fighting alone side the Japanese.

I will post more information on the medal soon