DIY: Give and Take box

What's Needed:
Card board box
Paint Brushes
How to:
1: Put the box together.
2: Cover the side with newspaper to protect you surfaces, the paint the box what ever colour you want.
3: Add anything you want to the box try not too make it too complicated.
*I painted mine black and yellow with a few nice words of encouragement for people to be generous*
I have travellers staying at mine every so often and sometime the need things but don't have money to buy things so I made a "Give and Take Box" they leave stuff they don't want for the next people and they take anything they want but I explain to the not to be greedy.
In the box there is clothes, books, costume jewellery.


Books and CD's

We Saved Each Other Baby

I am so sorry for the quietness from me I have had the worst week ever my dog Bailey passed away on the 8th August, while I was at work.
When I came home at 7pm he was on the bathroom floor he was all alone I wish I was with him I would have spoke to him and told him everything was going to be alright.... But I wasn't.
I am coming to terms with it very slowly he was my child, I am getting used to the loneliness.
We saved each other baby.


Food Diary For The Gym

As you all know I have been going to the gym quiet regularly and I have my tailored plans the kind gym man is working out for me also he is making a food plan as well he told me to keep a food diary for a few days and to be very honest, so I have.
Its in no particular order just what I consume over the day.
Day 1:
Bottle of water
Large latte
Coconut and lemon slice
Two glasses of coconut water
3 slices of toblerone
1 coconut and nut muffin
Couscous with mackerel in tomato sauce
1 mars bar muffin
Two cups of tea with 2 sugars and milk
Day 2:
Cup of tea
Apple and cinnamon muffin
Bottle of water
2 pieces of toast with butter
Mushroom carbonara with pasta and grated cheese
Day 3:
Natural fat free yoghurt with fresh kiwi and melon
Hand full of mixed nuts
3 tea's
2 slices of melon
Bottle of water
Natural fat free yoghurt with kiwi and melon
2 slices of toast with butter
Broccoli and cauliflower cheese
2 cups of tea
Day 4:
Cup of tea
Natural fat free yoghurt with fresh Kiwi and melon
That's as far as I have gotten, I plan on going to the gym tonight after work so I will be handing my food diary to him and see what he says.